Olah Organisme Visual – 2019

Olah Organisme Visual is part of the way Edi Bonetski treat his eyes, ears, hands, feet, taste, whatever is in his body to cooperate with what’s in front of his body, beside his body.

He invite the body to move, actually together, not alone. Starting from the work of 47 posters, which have been worked on collectively, in chains, all day long, all the time.

The event was held at the Jakarta Cultural Center (Balai Budaya Jakarta), because this place has historical value and is the place where he first held his exhibition. There are 32 Bonetski paintings on display, as well as some works by fellow artists who were turned into monopolies.

He said, “The dog is not God, but he, today, yesterday, maybe even years to come, will proclaim himself, ordain himself to be God, indeed.” has a deep meaning into it, which I interpret as a picture of our current government.

Some of My Work:

Documentary and Artist Interview

Got a chance to interview artist Edi Bonetski on the last day of his exhibition.