Monopoly Olah Organisme Visual Bonetskicode

Olah Organisme Visual – 2019

“Olah Organisme Visual” is part of the way Bonetski treat his eyes, ears, hands, feet, taste, whatever is in his body to cooperate with what’s in front of his body, beside his body.

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Tangsel Youth Planner – 2019

Tangsel Youth Planner (TYP) is a program that facilitates the thinking and work of South Tangerang’s youth in responding to various things about the city and planning an imaginative, creative, innovative, and solutive development.

Logo omah munir

Omah Munir – 2019

On this occasion, I helped Edi Bonetski, an artist from Tangerang, to make a pitching video for the Omah Munir competition. He has a very good concept, I hope he can continue his kindness in making artworks.

Artidentity group photo

Artidentity – 2019

Artidentity 2019 is a workshop and exhibition that focuses on the “New Media Arts”, and can be considered a collaboration of various disciplines.

Sticker Founders

The Founders – 2018

The Founders is a meeting of the founders of creative communities / startups / institutions which mainly contain youth.

This program was initiated by the Tangsel Creative Foundation as a joint effort of various elements to facilitate youth activities.